SET47 Inc. offers cutting-edge services in all its processes and achievements.

Mechanical design and 3D drawings

Our designers are able to assist you in optimizing your needs to achieve the best results. In addition to 3D modeling and 2D manufacturing plans, we offer turnkey project services in industrial equipment and specialized tooling.

CNC machining for small and high volumes

We have the flexibility you need. We’re able to meet your needs for subcontracting CNC machined parts of all kinds (turning, 3-4-5 axis milling) for small batches and high volume.

Tool design

Expand your workshop. We specialize in machining, development,

and prototyping of mechanical parts. Our prototyping services allow for the creation directly from 3D models, components through 3D printing or machining. Use our expertise and tools to gain a clear idea about a new project to develop, reducing your design and production times.

Conventional Machining (lathe, milling machine)

For us, all projects are captivating. Our expertise combined with our machinery allows us to offer you the most suitable technical solution and the fairest price. Turning and milling on conventional machines.

Inspection and metrology

Our technology at your service. Have your jigs and parts inspected right here. Your parts will undergo rigorous inspection for three-dimensional measurements.


Our professional team will bring increased efficiency at a competitive cost. In addition to welding, we also offer welded mechanical assembly services (turnkey). We also provide assembly through riveting and bolting. Our team has accumulated several years of experience in projects of all kinds. If you wish to develop new methods, we will do so in collaboration with you. We are capable of installing all types of hardware, challenge us!