Model prototyping for precision machining

In addition to conventional machining and CNC machining, SET47 also handles the design phase to bring your project to life, employing a high degree of precision for top-quality results. Whether you have a specific tooling part in mind or want to design a component to improve your production, our skilled team excels in developing innovative ideas that will set your company apart. Thanks to our computer-aided design (CAD) software, we can create 3D models directly for 3D printing and prototype manufacturing. We design custom parts for industries where reliability, efficiency, and tool safety are top priorities.

Specialized parts development

Our machine shop is the ideal all-in-one partner for solutions that are adapted to your industry. Whether it’s manufacturing, medical, transportation, high-tech, or any other sector, we follow a comprehensive process that includes design, manufacturing, and testing for parts with specific target applications.

1. Needs analysis

Our team meets with you to understand your project’s specific requirements, constraints, goals, and required features.

2. 3D design

Using computer-aided design (CAD) software, we draw up detailed plans for the part that is being developed while taking technical specifications into account. The resulting 3D drawing will be used during the next step.

3. Prototyping

We produce a component prototype in order to properly evaluate its effectiveness, ergonomics, and overall suitability for the project at hand.

4. Testing and adjustments

We subject the prototype to in-depth testing to evaluate its performance. Based on the results, we will modify and improve the part.

5. Approval

Once we are certain that the prototype meets the necessary requirements, we will move on to approving the final design for larger-scale production.

6. Production

If required, we can manufacture jigs to ensure consistent precision throughout the production process, which will be completed using CNC machining technology.

7. Quality control

Thanks to our metrology and CMM inspection, instruments, we conduct rigorous quality testing at every stage of manufacturing to ensure compliance with your industry’s standards.

Industrial equipment manufacturing and design

SET47 is an expert in designing and manufacturing custom industrial equipment. Our state-of-the-art technological equipment and our experienced team make us a standout industry partner. Our in-depth expertise in mechanical design enables us to meet all of your specialized tooling development needs, which require a high degree of precision for a flawless finished product.

Our attention to detail, rigorous approach, and ability to quickly turn requests around have allowed us to successfully complete major projects in a number of different sectors. Major companies across Quebec and the United States have trusted SET47 to create specialized tools and machinery, underscoring our reputation for excellence and reliability. We are confident that you will also benefit from our exceptional expertise and our commitment to providing solutions of the highest possible quality.

Whether your project involves creating prototypes for complex industrial parts or specialized tools, our skills and advanced technology are at your service. At SET47, our goal is to exceed your expectations and facilitate your project’s success with solutions that are innovative, precise, and reliable. Trust in our experienced team and our state-of-the-art facilities to bring your projects to life./p>

We also offer as services


Our designers are able to assist you in optimizing your needs to achieve the best results. In addition to 3D modeling and 2D manufacturing plans, we offer turnkey project services in industrial equipment and specialized tooling.


We have the flexibility you need. We’re able to meet your needs for subcontracting CNC machined parts of all kinds (turning, 3-4-5 axis milling) for small batches and high volume.


For us, all projects are captivating. Our expertise combined with our machinery allows us to offer you the most suitable technical solution and the fairest price. Turning and milling on conventional machines.


Our technology at your service.Have your jigs and parts inspected right here. Your parts will undergo rigorous inspection for three-dimensional measurements.


Our professional team will bring increased efficiency at a competitive cost. In addition to welding, we also offer welded mechanical assembly services (turnkey). We also provide assembly through riveting and bolting. Our team has accumulated several years of experience in projects of all kinds. If you wish to develop new methods, we will do so in collaboration with you. We are capable of installing all types of hardware, challenge us!